Feng Shui in Architecture 

Finally a new Feng Shui of Intuitive Engineering in the Architecture Professional practice  

We all want to fill romantic with our living space as our environment most motivates us, yet there are too many industry experts in Feng Shui telling us how to do it verses giving the ability for you to listen deep inside yourself.

Beyond the noisy charts and formulas lies an honoring system that already rest quietly within you. Our own body universe can house treasures through an exploration for intuitive knowing. This new breakthrough taps directly into a source, your body, because your body already knows whats embedded within your DNA bio energetic structure that maps out optimally your natural instinct of true environmental solutions. Using this unique method of Nero language allows you to listen from internal feedback and without  instruments generates design to emerge from  new surprising results.  

Our Methods:
Using a unique form of Feng Shui Energetic applications, we stand apart from other firms by listening deeper to what people really want from their environments. In fact no firm offers this technique of connection with clients. The language of energy does not follow any codes or rules and instead becomes a formless language of speaking clearer as one taps closer being their source of Nero-design mapping for implementing their ideal environment. We able in directing you through your own listening to gage into the design process. These services sought a more "forgiving" design process which honor interpretations to evolve naturally and freely, a cohesive blend of Feng Shui ancient with modern techniques without the goofy charts, tables and formulas from conventional Feng Shui questioner. This new fusion successfully bridges our well being, offering greater health and vitality at home or in the work place for optimizing environmentally.

A licensed architect, educator and founder of zenergy-blend, John Salat, mastered the Asian arts of bio-energy medicine that sees tremendous benefit in applying bio-healing principles to the architectural experience. This services celebrate and complement within scientific main stream. The practice of our Feng Shui tools applies from a relaxed state, freed from negative concerns as your body we speak for you. Using this measurable science makes our office stand out among both architects and conventional Feng Shui practitioners. In fact, this bio-energy approach redefines Feng Shui altogether as we bind the aesthetic of Wabi-Sabi to function of Energy Kinesiology in a fluid implementive science. This method allows information to be gathered boundlessly as skillful readings with users gauge needs from the bio-energy disciplines. These Nero-design tools during client consultation becomes an accurate integration of design for benefit outcomes, thus truly redefines "Environmental Motivation".

Comprehensive Services
As an architectural firm, we pay close attention with you and environment as we cover broad overlaps of design. Our imagination goes to work through engineered volumes of 3-D spaces, shaping exterior and interior. Then we circumference exterior meditative gardens right into interior spaces of buildings. In splashing the final touches, the transformation of colors, textures and furnishings invite energy to flow freely from room to room.

Why Feng Shui
Feng Shui is the holistic art of placement within peoples' habitat. This ancient yet new spirit in architecture pays an intuitive attention with environments, transforming reality. Feng Shui means wind and water in motion. The idea of invisible forces circulate in passing through spaces arrives with welcome ease.

Feng Shui is aesthetically driven while vitally charged through the sculpturing of materials, fittingly in a seamless flow. Using art, color splashes, shapes, textures with patterns most beneficially releases a pleasant energy, revered as "Chi". This poetic use of space works with earthen textures, softened corners and non-obtrusive shapes making these forces open freely, flooding rich energy into rooms.

Open space also contributes to producing "Chi", a feeling of flowing air or vital breath. Simplicity and sparseness allows the soul to move in and out in the open air. Choosing the balance of "Open space" Yin and intensity Yang draws forth the forces of harmony in our living environments.

Example from above science method on  <YouTube> (TV Interview)

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